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Estate Administration

If you serve as an executor of an estate, your fiduciary responsibility may last from a couple of months to a couple of years.

Don’t despair- we can help!

We help you gather and organize documents as well as set up and maintain a filing system.

We provide numerous customized documents for you including:

  1.     notification/information request letters   

  2.     bill paying worksheets

  3.     asset/liabilities worksheet

  4.     estate inventory list

  5.     summary of the will

We provide checklists to make sure that nothing ‘falls through the cracks’ and no work is duplicated unnecessarily.

Another important service we offer is to serve as liaison between anxious family members. We provide them with timely updates, assuring them that you are conducting your fiduciary responsibility as quickly, yet thoroughly, as possible.

We also serve as your liaison between other estate administration professionals such as accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, etc.

We are your “right hand”, offering you

as much or as little assistance as you desire:  making phone calls, sending emails, composing letters,...

you call the shots.

Let us help:

  1.     save you time and money

  2.     reduce your stress

  3.     promote family harmony

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Epilog-llc does not provide legal or investment advice.